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1095-A Health Insurance Form: How-To Guide

If you want to know everything about the 1095-A Form and get a printable version of it, you are on the right web page. We provide the most recent and detailed descriptions and guidelines for 1095-A Form and hundreds of other important US forms. The present how-to guide will help you to prepare for filing the 1095 A tax form, fill it out without mistakes, and send it to the responsible instance on time. Herer, you have the choice to fill 1095 A online form or print it directly from this page to fill it manually and send it by the post service. The healthcare 1095 A Form is designed to gather your tax information related to the federal subsidy that you could get in 2016 and the actual costs of your health insurance plan. The 2016 subsidy is also known as the Premium Tax Credit (PTC). It was established to provide people who bought health insurance plans via the health insurance marketplace, with cheaper coverage. The specific feature of the subsidy is that the government pays to insurers every month instead of you.

The medical 1095 A Form serves as a report about these government's payments. If you take part in the program, you will receive a 1095-A every month. You must attach its copies to your tax return and a newly established Form 8962.

Before sending the form, you should also gather a package of accompanying documents. Form 1095 A reports your annual income and family size, and that requires a reconciliation of Form 8962 with monthly PTC credit payment details. You can use this data to tell if the size of the subsidy was too small or too high over the year. In case they were too high, the Internal Revenue Service will later exclude the difference from your next refund. Otherwise, it will add the lacking amount to the refund.

Now, let's skip to the Form 1095-A instructions. This form must be filled out by your insurance provider whose services are conducted via the US Health Insurance Marketplace. So now you know where to get Form 1095 A. It will be sent to you when it's time to.

The form consists of 3 sections, such as Part I - Recipient Information, Part II - Covered Individuals, and Part III - Coverage Information. If you are an average US-based taxpayer, you don't need to enter anything to the form as it's designed only to inform you. You should also remember that you're not obliged to attach it to the tax return. Though, you need the information from the form to fill out the new 8962 PTC Form. If you are a health insurance provider, you must have the corresponding instructions and provide them to all the responsible personnel of your insurance organization.
Although Form 1095-A is a financial report, it doesn't have to be sent to the IRS. Your health insurance provider must file it directly to you and other people to whom it provides coverage. But how to get Form 1095 A online? Depending on the contact information that you provide to your health insurance provider, it will choose the most convenient way to contact you. So, if you entered your email address in your personal data, you will receive the form on time. For additional information related to your particular health insurance plan, you can contact our experts and figure everything out. If you need information about other forms, use our search form at the header of the page.
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